2000: Wheat to better the soil structure
2002: The first vineyard is planted
2002: The young wines planted in the slate soil
2002: The young vines begin to grow
2002: Pierre looks at the first vehicle of the domaine
2006: Peggy at the opening of the wine cellar
2003: Olivier uses biodynamic preparation
2005: Olivier und Pierre, the first grapes are harvested
2005: Pierre und Olivier tasting the very first wines
2006: Verena designs the Binet-Jacquet lettering
2006: The vine of the Binet-Jacquet logo is created
2006: Olivier und Verena, the very first bottles are filled

At the beginning our domaine existed only as a vision in our heads. Pierre Jacquet had previously worked at different wine producers in Languedoc for more than 10 years. Olivier Binet had worked as a wine journalist and was selling wines.

The beginning
In 1999, we started to create our domaine from the scratch. After visiting many winemaker friends in Languedoc, France, Italy and Spain, we started to prepare two and a half hectares of wasteland for the first planting. What we wanted to do was in many respects a pioneer project. From the very beginning we choosed to work biodynamically, making use of high density of planting, old and less productive rootstock and the massale selection cuttings. All these quality mesures were not known in the Languedoc during that time. We planted grains and legumes to improve soil structure for two years. When the soils were ready, we planted our first five plots of Mourvèdre, Grenache and Syrah at "Jardins" and "Bouzigues" in March 2002.

The first harvest
In September 2005 we harvested for the first time a small quantity from our young vines. Since we didn't have our own cellar facilities yet at that time, we vinified at a friends cellar in the neighboring village of Cabrerolles. This first wine was made with very modest means. But the first results were already very encouraging - our wines clearly showed the freshness and minerality we wanted to achieve from the start. The first production was very small and were distributed the first bottles to a handful of wine merchants and restaurants.

In 2006 we had the chance to buy old vines of Grenache and Carignan from a winemaker who was retiring and had taken care to keep his vineyard with respect. During the same year, we also bought and renovated an old wine cellar in the heart of the old village of Faugères. And the following spring, we planted another four and a half hectares at "Fenouillet", "Lentillières" and "Magnoux", and completed as well our vineyards at "Bouzigues" and "Fruitiers" with new plantations.

The outcome after thirteen years
In 2012, for the first time we harvested a full production of 30,000 bottles in total. In the same year, after the legaly required period of conversion we obtained the organic certifications as well as the biodynamic certification by Demeter. During this year we also started selling our wines all over Europe and worldwide, working with a handful of selected partners.

After thirteen years, our vision from 1999 achieved its realization.