Southwest position of the vineyard Bouzigues
Sunny south slope from the Bouzigues vineyard with Mourvèdre
Fruitiers vineyard with old fruit trees and stone walls
Syrah terraces at the Jardins vineyard
Grenache on the Bouzigues hill range
Barren and windy Lentillières pleateau with Carignan
South slope of the Fenouillet vineyard with Mourvèdre
Higher grounded Magnoux vineyard with Grenache
Syrah and winegrower cottage at the Magnoux vineyard

Our vineyards are located a few kilometers west of the village of Faugères, between the hamlets of Lenthéric and La Liquière. Our 9 hectares are located on four hills near one another. Within those hills, starting from the direction of the slope and soil characteristics, we have planted a total of 17 individual plots.

The Fruitiers vineyards
The vineyards of "Fruitiers" is located at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level. They contain one hectare of 80 years old Grenache and Carignan vines, which are surrounded by old stone walls as well as peach and almond trees. The grapes of this vineyard give particularly mineral and profound wines. On the top of the hill there is another hectare of Carignan which is about 70 years old. At the bottom of the hill, on an easterly exposure we have planted half a hectare of the local Cinsault grape variety.

The Bouzigues and Jardins vineyards
The hill of "Bouzigues" is located besides our "Jardins" vineyards. Its name comes from the ancient occitan word "bodiga", which means "forest clearing". Here we planted half a hectare of Mourvèdre and another half hectare of Grenache on the south-western facing slope on very poor soils. At the top of the hill there is another half hectare of Grenache. The eastern and northern slope of the hill is cooler and windier and is called "Jardins", which means "gardens" in French. There we planted two plots of Syrah, both of half a hectare, one on small terraces. The wines from "Jardins" are particularly fresh and elegant.

The Lentillières and Fenouillet vineyards
By going one kilometer north are located the vineyards "Lentillières" and "Fenouillet". The first name comes from the former prodution of lenses ("lentilles" in French) and the spread of wild fennel ("fenouil" in French). On the sun exposed southwest side of the hill we planted half a hectare of Mourvèdre. On the arid and very windy top of the plateau we planted one hectare of Carignan and half a hectare of Grenache. Surrounding the vineyards, we created two olive tree fields. On the northern and cooler side of the hill there is a small plot of Syrah.

The Magnoux vineyards
The vineyards in "Magnoux" is located another kilometre on north, 400 metres above sea level, and is very close to the Cevennes forests. On the south slope we planted half a hectare of Grenache, on the side facing north half a hectare of Syrah.
All our work - particularly the pruning of the vines, the use of compost, the date of the harvest, the duration of the maceration during vinification etc. are adjusted each year individually to each plot.