The leaves begin to grow from an old vine
Old vines at the Fruitiers vineyard
Vines and fruit trees at the Fruitiers vineyard
Typical gobelet languedocien vine

Our viticulture is entirely artisanal, natural and biodynamic. We planted our vineyards using traditional methods, especially high density planting, massale selection and old, lower yielding rootstocks as well as the Gobelet Languedocien pruning system.

We only cultivate the native grape varieties of the region: Grenache, Carignan, Mourvèdre, Syrah and Cinsault. Deep rooting is encouraged by making our own compost of sheep manure and pomace, and tilling our soils. Our biodynamic preparations further promote the vitality of the soil and roots as well as plant growth and natural resistance to diseases. Plant treatments are kept to a minimum, using only sulfur and a very small amount of copper as well as herbal infusions. All these viticultural practices allow us to harvest healthy grapes which retain their natural freshness and ripe tannins.

Yields are very low between 25 and 30 hectoliters per hectare on average. Harvesting and sorting is done by hand only.